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With An Open Heart

Life has many lessons to teach, and through our relationships, we discover who we really are. Relationships are the greatest blessings and lessons in our lives, whether good or bad. Nothing and no one can exist alone in the world. This book was written to encourage readers to acknowledge and appreciate the variety of relationships in their lives. Relationships take on many forms. 


They are familial, romantic, casual, platonic or professional. No matter the form, all relationships should be healthy, loving, and beneficial to all parties involved. While all relationships are not created equally, each one has the power to teach us about ourselves, life, and how to deal with others. 


In this self-help, inspirational book, the author addresses several of the most common elements for fostering healthy, meaningful relationships and how they contribute to our overall success and growth as individuals. In her debut as an author, Teriece Cherell teaches us that relationships are critical and necessary to our existence and development as successful, loving, and happy human beings. 


I really like reading this book. It’s very inspirational. Chapter 7 was one of my favorites. For
Everything, there IS a season. It also lets us know to stop saying we are waiting on the right time
to do things. The time is at that very moment.
I would like to say to the author, Ms. Teriece, this is a great book. Can’t wait for the next one.God Bless.


Ms. Betty ( Magnolia St)

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