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Meet Teriece Cherell

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Teriece Cherell is the Founder of Transforming Consciously LLC. Author, motivational speaker, aspiring life/relationship coach and co-editor of QRTM Magazine.  In her book, she teaches readers that relationships are the greatest lessons and blessings of our lives. She uses touching personal stories that create laughter, tears and even self-evaluation and reflection. Whatever the form, relationships should be healthy, loving, and beneficial to all parties involved. While all relationships are not created equally, each one has the power to teach us about ourselves, life, and how to deal with others. 


She teaches her clients how to engage in healthy relationships, how to set healthy boundaries while staying true to themselves and their values. She strongly asserts that if we transform our mindset, we can transform our lives and everything else will follow. We must make conscious decisions regarding our lives and the relationships. 

A college educated, single mother, Teriece Cherell has overcome the odds to become BETTER than her circumstances. Through her faith, hard work, dedication, sacrifices and love, Teriece is living her absolute BEST life!  A romantic at heart, she enjoys walks in the park, spending quality time with her family, traveling to new places, shopping and watching Lifetime movies. She is also active in several ministries at The City of Love Church in New Orleans, Louisiana. Teriece is the mother of one beautiful daughter, Tiana.

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