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After reading this book I was inspired to reflect on my current relationships. Not just my
relationship with my Husband, but my relationship with my family, close friends,
colleagues/co workers, and even those that are considered acquaintances. Most
importantly, I reflected on my relationship with God! How can I become closer to God
and live in His purpose for me? I also focused on what type of energy I brought to those
relationships vs. the energy and vibe that I intended to bring! I’ve learned that no
relationship is perfect but every relationship will affect you in some shape or form. At the
end of the day you decide what you have to bring to the relationship and what you
expect and tolerate from your counterpart.


My favorite part of the book is in chapter 9 Transforming Light. This particular chapter spoke

to my soul as Teriece talked about once considering dimming her light for others,

but then realizing that nothing can dim her shine, because God is the source of her light!

So many times I’ve shied away from the spotlight or acknowledgement out of worry that I would make others uncomfortable but somehow things always come back around full surface no matter how hard I tried to
avoid it! I also loved how she compared her life’s journey to the movie, the Wizard of Oz,

and identifying that we all go through the circle of Life and end up right where God intends for us to be! God’s timing and his plan is perfect! Cousin, I’m so happy that God chose you to write this book and at this time. You have inspired me to take charge of my life by letting God work and living, learning, and loving with an open heart. Thank you Cousin for this powerful read. I love you so much and I am extremely proud!

– Jas Thomas

This is a great book! 

When I picked it up I was not sure what to expect. I quickly found myself engaged and inspired by the author's words. Her stories are relatable and offer perspective on the many relationships in our lives. After reading the book I felt empowered to push forward on my journey through self-improvement and self-love.


Thank you for sharing your book with me. I loved it. 

- Kathy A.

 This book was a very good read, amazing, it caught my attention from the very first page. I could relate to you, in essence "you have to do what's best for you". Thank you Teriece for bringing me on your journey of Cultivating healthy and meaningful relationships through giving, learning, and loving with an open heart. I cant wait for your next book''.


- Gilda Walker (Toya)

Truly a Phenomenal Woman..  Her book Live, Learn, Love: With an Open Heart is an awesome and powerful book. It has been an inspiration and a learning tool for myself as well as many others. Do yourself a favor and get a copy and support one of New Orleans' own Teriece Cherell. Thank you and continue being a blessing and an inspiration to many of us. 


- Ryan R

I really like reading this book. It’s very inspirational. Chapter 7 was one of my favorites. For
Everything, there IS a season. It also lets us know to stop saying we are waiting on the right time
to do things. The time is at that very moment.
I would like to say to the author, Ms. Teriece, this is a great book. Can’t wait for the next one. 
NOW, I’m Living, Learning, Loving with an Open Heart.
God Bless,
Ms. Betty ( Magnolia St)

I Live my life like it is Golden. I learn from the very best I always Love one another, for
Love is of God.

Reading my daughter’s book brought tears of Joy to my eyes. There is a part in the book that
will always be with me. Every chapter had a sense of inspiration. I have raised my child to be
the best of the best. Teriece, don’t stop until God is satisfied. Keep on keeping on.

Love you,
Lil Cheryl (Your mother)

Book Review!!! When I first received my copy of Teriece Cherell's book, I was very excited. We
were still in 2018 when I received my book and this was an area that God was nudging on my
heart to cultivate. So, I was already cultivating certain relationships, my relationship with God,
myself, my spouse and my children, and some family members. I knew there were other areas
that God was calling me to cultivate, including my relationships with others, friends, work
relationships, business relationships, and with my finances. Teriece Cherell’s book was right on
time with talking about all of these different relationships. I was blessed by this
book because Teriece shared her personal experience with relationships, she gave advice that
was referenced by scripture from God's word along with some meaningful quotes. I want to
encourage anyone who doesn't own a copy of this book yet to purchase it. It will bless your life
and encourage you to have healthy, meaningful relationships that will add to your life. Thank
You Teriece Cherell for sharing your heart through this book. I pray continued blessings and
success for your life and your beautiful daughter!!!

Tammy Forrest

Your book was an amazing read. I felt every word on the pages and even cried through most of
the book. I can’t wait until you release your next book. I know it's going to be amazing. Keep
touching and inspiring the lives of others. Phenomenal woman, that’s you.

– Chanel Speaks

This piece of literary genius will be around for ages to come because it is perpetually relevant to
all generations and ages. Teriece manages to captivate your attention with her style of story
telling that can only be done by transparency in which we rock it here in the 504. It’s evident that
Jesus is a Major part of her life and writing. Thank you Teriece for helping us to “Live, Learn,
and Love with an Open Heart”! I look forward to many more books to come, I am definitely a fan.

K. Powell, Owner of The Skandy Store


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